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Application of laser pipe cutting machine in metal processing industry

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With the increase in the processing volume of metal pipes in my country, in order to meet the processing needs of the industrial market, the cutting process of laser cutting pipes has become popular in recent years. Various pipe laser cutting machines have received the attention of users one after another. With the rapid growth of metal pipe production and consumption, advanced laser cutting systems have been widely used in the production and processing of pipes, especially stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel Steel, Nitinol, Inconel and other metal pipe processing applications.

The special laser cutting machine for pipes has unique advantages in pipe cutting, and can perform multi-directional, multi-angle, and arbitrary graphics precision and efficient cutting of various metal pipes. Its great advantages in pipe cutting have attracted many metal pipes.

The concern of pipe cutters.Compared with the traditional cutting process, the cutting process of the laser pipe cutting machine has a smoother section, and the cut pipe can be directly used for welding, which reduces the processing procedures in the industry. Compared with traditional pipe processing, which requires cutting, punching, and bending, the traditional pipe processing technology consumes a lot of molds. Laser cutting pipes not only has fewer processes, high efficiency, but also better quality of the cut workpieces, and also has a large market development space.

Pipe laser cutting machine is a professional laser cutting machine for pipe cutting. It has more advantages than other equipment in cutting pipes. No matter what kind of special-shaped pipe, it can cut efficiently and accurately. With its professional and stable cutting effect, the tube laser cutting machine has quickly occupied various metal processing industries, especially in automobile manufacturing, oil exploration, machinery manufacturing, etc. It has been widely used.
  Baiwei laser pipe cutting machine is equipped with a laser that can intelligently identify the contour. As long as it is within a certain processing width, the pipe laser cutting machine can cut any graphics. It can realize the unfolding and intersecting cutting of various special-shaped tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, hexagonal tubes, and elliptical tubes; the whole machine has low power consumption and high processing efficiency, and can realize one-time processing and forming of tubes; it is widely used in sports equipment, Oil pipelines, furniture, props and many other industries.