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Buy laser cutting machine from China or locally?

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For laser cutting machine buyers, everyone will encounter a question: buy locally or buy in China? In this article, I have studied the advantages of Chinese manufacturers and local manufacturers, mainly including quality, function, transportation, and after-sales functions. First, we look at the quality:

1. Quality

The technology and quality of local manufacturers and imported manufacturers are the same, but the location of the manufacturer is different. Therefore, there is a certain gap in the price, but the difference is not big. A considerable part of imported equipment is expensive, but due to the low cost of domestic assembly and manufacturing, its price is much lower than that of imported equipment. Therefore, if you are a user who does not require high precision or only needs to use machines for certain industries, it is better to buy local equipment.

Made in China: The quality of the Chinese market is mixed. Some small workshops are of poor quality and the service effect is not good. However, there are also many excellent manufacturers in China with strong factory strength. They use famous brand parts. promote. Moreover, the Chinese market has very strict management of products, so the after-sales service for users is very good. At present, China’s laser cutting machines have occupied most of the market, including some high-end products of foreign brands. Chinese manufacturers have been recognized by the majority of users in terms of quality and service.

Local: Of course, the quality of laser cutting machines of various manufacturers in the local market is also different. If conditions permit, it is a good way for buyers to go to the factory for inspection. At present, many laser cutting machines in the world are imported from China and India, and many local companies will put their own brands on them and sell them at a higher price. If this is the case, it is necessary to buy directly in China, because you will have a wider choice. But if you want better performance, and the equipment you want is also produced in China, you need to find it yourself, or go abroad to buy it directly, which is not cost-effective.

2. Price

Local: The price is high and the shipping cost is low, so the price is relatively high, but for the average user, this price is acceptable. But because domestic companies do better in terms of quality, the cost is much lower than that of imported manufacturers. Moreover, many manufacturers will ship accessories to China for sale through other channels, so the overall cost is much higher than that of imported products.

China: Generally speaking, Chinese manufacturers will give importers a very favorable price, but the freight for imports is relatively high, but the overall price is lower than that of local purchases. If you have a limited budget, importing from China is a good choice. Get quality products at great prices. China’s low production cost has also become an advantage for customers to choose to import fiber laser cutting machines from China. Compared with the higher production cost abroad, the price of domestic fiber laser cutting machines with the same performance will be significantly lower than that of foreign countries, so customers would rather pay the freight to import fiber laser cutting machines from home.

3. Transportation

Local: Buying a laser cutting machine in a short distance has a great advantage for the transporter. Due to the short distance and convenient transportation, the collision of the machine during transportation is reduced.

China: If you buy the machine in China, you may encounter some risks during transportation, and the delivery time may be affected due to force majeure. Shipping by sea may make the machine damp, but don’t worry, BW Laser will cover the machine with multiple layers of film and pack it in a fumigation-free wooden box to prevent moisture to a large extent.

4.Fourth, after-sales

Local: If you buy locally, the seller will generally respond quickly and send after-sales personnel to solve the problem during working hours.

Chinese manufacturers: If you buy a laser cutting machine in China, many manufacturers provide installation and training services. If the machine encounters problems, they will help the buyer solve the problem through online methods. In addition, some Chinese manufacturers The Chamber of Commerce cooperates with local enterprises and can dispatch engineers in time for repairs.

How to Buy a Laser Cutting Machine in China

1. Buyers can leave their contact information on the official website of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, and professional personnel will contact you, or you can find the manufacturer on some social media.

2. Put forward your own needs, such as cutting material cutting thickness, and power, the business manager will give you a suitable plan and recommend the most suitable machine.

3. According to the most suitable model, the buyer will give a favorable price according to the actual situation.

4. Confirmation before production Confirm the quotation, configuration, technical parameters and other details with the manufacturer before production to avoid mistakes.

5. Place an order: After confirming the price and all details, send the proforma invoice to the customer and sign the contract and place the order.

6. Arrange production: After placing the order and paying the deposit, we will arrange the factory to produce the fiber laser cutting machine as soon as possible, and notify you of the latest production progress.

7. Shipment: After the production is completed, we will take photos and videos and send them to you. Once confirmed, they will be packaged and ready to ship.

8. Customs clearance: After the goods arrive at the port of destination, we will arrange all customs clearance documents to ensure that buyers can get the fiber laser cutting machine as soon as possible.

9. After-sales service: After the buyer gets the goods, we will have professional technicians remotely guide the use of the machine through communication software such as WhatsApp.