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BW-G6020 Closed type fiber laser cutting machine

Model: BW-G6020
Cutting range: 6000x2000mm (Optional)
Laser power: 1kw/2kw/3kw/4kw/6kw/8kw/10kw/12kw/15kw/20kw/30kw (Optional)
Max moving speed: 100m/min
Max cutting speed: 35-80m/min
Positioning accuracy: 0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy: 0.02mm
Min line width: 0.1mm

Product Description

Fiber laser cutting machine adopts the most advanced fiber laser output laser beam of high energy density, and focused on the workpiece surface, making areas on the workpiece be melting and gasification instantly by ultra fine focal spot light;Automatic cutting is achieved by moving the light spot through the CNC mechanical system.It is one of the high-tech equipment with features of the most advanced optical fiber laser technology, numerical control technology, precision machinery technology.

Industry Applications
Baiwei BW-G3015 fiber laser cutting machine as one classic model,widely used in manufacturing, such as sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobiles, engineering machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators , metal processing,and other manufacturing and processing industries.
Used for cutting a variety of metal plates, mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminum, various alloy plate, rare metal and other metal materials.

High precision machine bed
1. Fiber laser cutting machine lathe bed part completely independent research and development, by the party welding lathe bed base, through the large gantry milling machine.
2. For large machine bed we have many years of experience in processing, each machine bed will be placed 30 to 45 days after rough machining natural failure, the internal stress release completely again after finishing, ensure the machining accuracy. High strength, stability, ensuring 10 years of use without distortion.

Advantage of fiber laser cutting
1. Adopting gantry dual drive structure, high precision gear, gear reducer drive and linear guide rail, drive smoothly, high speed, high accuracy.
2. The imported servo motor is Germany, America original imported servo motor (Various options ) and drive system,with higher stability, higher speed and faster acceleration speed.
3. Using the special control system of optical fiber laser, all digital CNC servo motor communication, humanized design, operation is faster.
4. The optical fiber laser cutting head and Z-axis transmission system are adopted, and the speed and precision are higher.
5. Adopting leading technology, small volume, high beam quality.
6. The new peripheral design can enter the equipment working area from 3 different directions.

Fiber laser features
1. Good laser beam quality, Steel cast structure, longtime service life
2. High output stability, high performance
3. Low power consumption
4. Small size
5. Optical fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in thin plate cutting
6. 100,000 hours of lifetime, free maintenance; Low energy consumption, only 20%-30% of the traditional CO2 machine.


Models BW-G3015 BW-G4015 BW-G4020 BW-G6015 BW-G6020 BW-G12025 Optional
Cutting range 3000x1500mm   4000x1500mm    4000x2000mm   6000x1500mm   6000x2000mm   12000*2500mm   Optional
Laser power 1kw/2kw/3kw/4kw/6kw/8kw/10kw/12kw/15kw/20kw/30kw
Max moving speed 100m/min
Max cutting speed 35-80m/min
Positioning  accuracy 0.03mm
Repositioning  accuracy    0.02mm
Min line width 0.1mm




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