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Can you laser cut aluminum

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Characteristics of aluminium

The remarkable properties of aluminium include good shape, ease of forging, good corrosion resistance, low density, high strength-to-weight ratio and high fracture toughness. Because of these properties, aluminium is one of the most economical and suitable materials for structural use in both the commercial and military sectors. When exposed to air, a stable oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminium. This oxide film effectively prevents corrosion from occurring, which is why aluminium is so popular in the manufacturing industry.

Can a laser cutter cut aluminium?

When you project light onto a reflective material, it bounces or scatters. Therefore, when the light from the laser beam comes into contact with aluminium it also has a tendency to bounce or scatter. This can make laser cutting difficult for solid and stable molecular structures which are easier to cut than softer molecular structures. Because aluminium has a more ductile molecular structure, the laser beam is not as effective in penetrating it and producing a clean cut. Finally, aluminium is a thermally conductive material. As such, it can quickly absorb heat, which is necessary for clean cuts. In addition, when you give off heat, it makes smooth laser work difficult. All of these reasons are why laser cutting aluminium is difficult. But just because something is difficult doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our aluminium cutting capabilities to make it a simple and efficient process.



The advantages of laser cutting in industry

Aluminium is rust- evidence, chemically resistant and durable, and is fairly light in weight. The aluminium-magnesium ( low chance) amalgamation has significantly increased mechanical strength and can be ray cut. Aluminium and its blends are a necessary material for artificial products. The process of laser cutting aluminium is used in numerous diligence the automotive assiduity, mechanical engineering and tool timber, the IT and electronics assiduity as well as distance essence processing, essence and factory construction, frontal panel product, medical technology, the jewellery assiduity, robotics, etc. In addition, the time consumed for subsequent processing is greatly reduced due to the high precision and low burr of laser cutting. When changing the length or shape of the material, the cutting can be done by simply modifying the program.