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CO2 vs Fiber Laser Technology Which is Better?

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At present, the most mainstream metal cutting market cutting machine is the CO2 cutting machine and laser cutting machine, the difference between the two in which, which performance is better? The following together with the hundred dimensional laser editor to understand it.

CO2 laser and fiber laser basic differences

Fiber laser is generated by diode pumping laser, the use of flexible fiber optic cable for laser beam transmission, while the CO2 laser is generated through the excitation of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas in the cavity laser, and then through the reflector beam transmission. The wavelength of a fibre laser is 1.06μm and the wavelength of a CO2 laser is 9.3μm~10.6μm, so the fibre laser has a smaller focused spot than the CO2 laser, cutting faster and processing more efficiently you, this physical feature of the different wavelengths has a great impact on the processing characteristics of both.


Functional differences between CO2 lasers and fiber laser equipment

The most important and meaningful advantage of fiber optic cutting technology should be its energy efficiency. With the complete solid-state digital module, and single design of the fiber laser, fiber laser cutting systems have a higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than CO2 laser cutting. In other words, the overall energy consumption of a fiber optic cutting system is approximately 3 to 5 times less than that of a CO2 cutting system, resulting in an increased energy efficiency of >86%. Due to the high photoelectric conversion rate, the electrical energy converted into dissipated heat becomes less, and the fiber laser processing machine is able to control the power consumed by cooling devices such as chillers to a lower level. co2 laser cutting machine has a more complex laser structure, which requires high equipment stability when processing products, and is less effective when processing large surfaces, although the cutting gap is smaller, the cutting speed is slower. Cutting speed is a very big difference between co2 laser cutting machine and a fiber laser cutting machine.

CO2 and fiber laser cutting machine which is better

The short wavelength nature of the fiber laser improves the absorption of the beam by the material being cut and allows for cutting materials such as brass and copper as well as non-conductive materials. The more focused beam produces a smaller focal point and deeper depth of focus so that the fiber laser can cut thinner materials quickly and medium-thickness materials more effectively. When cutting materials up to 6mm thick, a 1.5kW fiber laser cutting system can cut at a speed equivalent to a 3kW CO2 laser cutting system. The operating costs of fiber cutting are therefore lower than those of a conventional CO2 cutting system. Different cutting materials have different absorption rates for different wavelengths of light. Non-metallic materials such as wood, fabric, plastic, and acrylic have a low absorption rate for the fiber laser, while the CO2 laser has a high absorption rate for both metallic and non-metallic materials, so the fiber laser is only suitable for cutting metallic materials, while the CO2 laser can be used for cutting both metallic and non-metallic materials. The CO2 laser also has a good surface finish and high perpendicularity, making it more suitable for cutting materials with high precision requirements.

Therefore, in the metal plate processing industry, people will generally choose the fiber laser cutting machine, while in the non-metal material processing industry, especially precision processing and advanced crafts processing, people will still choose to use the CO2 laser cutting machine.