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Common problems of fiber laser cutting machine

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With the acceleration of modern industrialization, the application of laser technology has gradually matured, and fiber laser cutting machine is one of the laser products. For new users, there may be some doubts, and the following Baiwei Laser will answer for you.

1. Does the fiber laser cutting machine consume too much energy?
One of the common questions about fiber laser cutting machines is its energy consumption level. Some customers have installed a large number of cutting machines in their fields, and the energy consumption exceeds the capacity, which will lead to higher production costs. This type of cutting machine mainly consumes electric energy and cooling water, etc., and will not cause excessive use pressure to users.
2. Is the operation method cumbersome?
The second most common problem is the control method. Some factories have not been established for a long time. If the workers are all ordinary, they are worried that the overly complicated control method will make it difficult for the workers to get started. There are also operating instructions for such large and expensive equipment, which can be read carefully. Of course, the manufacturer of the equipment will also provide professional training to the purchasing customers.
3. Skills and methods for judging the quality of the cutting machine
The quality of the fiber laser cutting machine is a problem that customers are more concerned about. If customers want to master a few more skills, they can ask more professionals for advice, and summarize the key points that are conducive to purchasing. The important thing is not to blindly choose to cause unnecessary economic losses in the later stage because of the low price, and try to choose a laser cutting machine brand with certain strength, good reputation, good after-sales service, and high cost-effective products.

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