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How many watts laser to cut steel?

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How many Watts laser cutting machine is needed to cut metal?

Laser cutting machine is increasingly widely used, so how many watts of laser cutting machine can cut on metal? This depends on the actual situation to consider, different kilowatt cutting speed is not the same, and the choice of cutting material will also affect the cutting speed, so in order to complete the cutting work more efficiently, according to the cutting material and cutting thickness to choose a laser cutting machine.

Cutting results at different power levels

    General metal thickness is a requirement for laser cutting machines, although it is said that a few hundred watts can also cut, but to say that the cut is good to cut fast, it is certainly still high power cut fast and good. At present, the world’s high-speed railway, nuclear power, ships, petrochemical and aerospace fields such as the rapid development of laser cutting processing equipment and process technology has put forward higher demand, the general trend is to a higher power, faster, larger format, cutting thicker, brighter sections, more straight direction. So, from 6000W to 8000W and then to the once seemingly unattainable 10,000W laser cutting machine, the power of laser cutting machines has broken through our imagination step by step. The thickness of the previous fiber laser cutting plate is limited to carbon steel within 20mm, and stainless steel within 12mm, while the 10,000 watt laser cutting machine cut aluminum alloy plates up to 40mm, and stainless steel plate up to 50mm. 10kW laser cutting machine in cutting the thickness of 3 to 10mm stainless steel plate, the cutting speed is more than twice the 6kW.



How to choose a laser cutting machine?

    Data shows that for 8mm stainless steel, the 6kW is nearly 400% faster than a 3kW laser cutting machine. For 20mm thick stainless steel, 12kW is 114% faster than 10kW. From an economic point of view, the price of a 10,000-watt laser cutting machine is less than 40% higher than the price of a 6kW machine, but the unit time output efficiency is more than twice that of a 6kW machine and saves labor and space, which is favored by laser processing business owners. In the process of practical application, the cutting capacity of the fiber laser cutting machine is also related to the quality of the cutting machine, the type of laser, the cutting environment, cutting speed, and many other factors, the use of auxiliary gas can also improve the cutting capacity of certain, so there is no absolute standard to judge its cutting thickness. For example, the cutting of carbon steel is mainly by oxygen combustion, and two stainless steel cutting mainly by power. A General 1000w fiber laser cutting machine can cut about 10mm carbon steel plate, and stainless steel plate to slightly difficult to cut, if you want to improve the cutting thickness, is to sacrifice the edge effect and speed at the expense of.