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How much is the price of cnc fiber laser cutting machine?

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How much is the price of cnc fiber laser cutting machine?

This is a very good question. This question is often asked by many friends who are interested in laser cutting machines. It is the first step to understand the metal cutting business. Laser cutting equipment can provide your business with a fast and efficient way to cut metal. Cutting projects with a laser machine are more precise and cleaner than most other cutting techniques, and require less deburring or finishing after cutting. Generally, the price of cnc laser cutting machine is around 20,000-50,000 US dollars, but the price of cnc fiber laser cutting machine is affected by many factors:

1. Power

The power is the key factor in determining the price of a laser cutting machine. The higher the power, the higher the price and the greater the working efficiency of the product. For the same type of laser cutting machine, the price difference between 1kw and 6kw is about 30,000 US dollars, but , If you use a laser cutting machine with too much power, it will not only waste a lot of energy and cost, but also cause certain harm to the operator. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose a laser cutting machine with appropriate power, considering the material and thickness of the cutting, as well as your own needs for cutting speed and production capacity.

2. Configuration

A laser cutting machine mainly includes six core components: laser cutting head, laser, motor, machine tool, CNC system, laser lens, etc. The configuration of these core components determines the price of the laser cutting machine, especially the quality and quality of the laser. To a large extent, it determines the basic cost of the laser cutting machine, and the price of other accessories will also affect the price of the final product. Generally, laser cutting machine manufacturers will customize different solutions for customers. The brand of laser cutting head is different, and the price is also different. The price of laser cutting machine will vary by about 10,000 US dollars.

3. Brand

When choosing to buy a laser cutting machine, different brands will have very different prices. If you choose a well-known brand to buy, although you may invest more money, you will be more worry-free in the later use process. If you want to choose a high-quality laser cutting machine product in the market, it is recommended that you must look for well-known brand equipment, so that subsequent maintenance and after-sales service will be more convenient and faster. We can understand that big brands are more secure than small factories in terms of equipment quality, equipment accessories, equipment performance, technology and after-sales service. These are the added value of products and are the general law of the laser cutting machine market. Therefore, the price of laser cutting machines of big brands will be higher than that of small brands.

4. Freight

If you buy equipment overseas, the shipping cost is also a factor worth considering for the cost of the laser cutting machine. The price of the whole machine delivery and the disassembled delivery are different. The shipping cost of the whole machine is higher than the disassembly shipping cost, so if If you want to save logistics costs, it is recommended to choose whole vehicle delivery; if you buy equipment in China, you don’t have to worry about this. The delivery of the whole machine will be about three times higher than the price of disassembly and transportation, but the delivery of the whole machine will eliminate the worry of installation without technical personnel.

How to calculate the price of cnc laser cutting machine?

The price of CNC laser cutting machine is the sum of machine parts, design technology and all services. Therefore, when you plan to calculate your laser cutting machine cost, you must add together the parts cost, technology cost, and extras. If you are looking for metal cutting machine prices, steel cutting machine prices or tube laser cutting machine prices, here are three typical metal laser cutting machines for sale. They are sheet metal laser cutting machines, metal pipe laser cutting machines, and metal sheet and pipe laser cutting machines. For the first two types of cnc laser metal machines, they can be purchased within $60,000. It can be seen that the price of metal cutting machine or steel cutting machine is not very high. And the latter can cost more than $10,000 to buy. By the way, the price of tube laser cutting machine is a little higher than that of plate laser cutting machine. Because steel pipe cutting is more complicated. It needs 3D processing.

   In the past two years, in response to the call of the country to protect the environment, many laser cutting machine manufacturers have introduced closed cutting machines with protective covers, which are specially designed for people with high environmental requirements. The fully protected laser glass cover can ensure more Operate safely and protect the environment. Its price is slightly higher than the price of ordinary cnc laser cutting machine. A laser cutter with a protective cover is expensive because it has many advantages. First of all, the full protective cover is designed and manufactured with special stainless steel materials to ensure the durability of the protective cover. Secondly, when the fiber laser cutting machine cuts engraving materials, due to the good sealing of the protective cover, the generation of noise is avoided. Third, some dust particles from the outside are blocked to ensure that the fiber laser cutting machine is not affected by external environmental factors. Fourth, the dust generated by cutting will not leak out, which ensures the cleanliness of the workshop. Therefore, a laser cutter equipped with a safety guard is more expensive than one that is not.

How to Buy the Best Laser Cutter?

If you’re looking to buy the best laser cutter, consider here: What materials are you processing? What is the size and thickness? How complicated is laser cutting? What kind of laser machine manufacturer are you looking for? How high-end is the machine configuration? What is your planned procurement budget? Do you need DIY designs or other extra services? After thinking through the above questions and finally finding the answer, it is not difficult to find the most suitable laser cutting machine for you. Low power laser cutters are so cheap that even CNC enthusiasts can afford them. How much power can be considered low power? I think 1kw and 1.5kw can be regarded as low power, because high-power laser cutting machines can reach 10kw. This low-power laser machine may sell for around $20,000-$30,000. If you work in a small workshop or you are a laser design enthusiast, please don’t hesitate to buy a low-power laser cutting machine.