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How to choose a laser cutting machine – the right one is good

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With the continuous development of the metal processing industry, the market has higher and higher requirements for sheet metal processing. With the advantages of its own cutting, laser cutting machines are favored by more and more people, which also promotes the increasing number and development of manufacturers of laser cutting machines. There are many manufacturers of laser cutting machines on the market now, and the competition is very fierce. So how do you choose one that really suits you?

First, according to their actual needs
Before deciding to buy equipment, you should figure out your own processing needs, processing materials, thickness, format and other issues. Laser cutting machines mainly include low power, medium power, high power, and ultra-high power which has been newly developed in recent years. There is also the size of the sheet cutting width that determines the difference in the processing table of the laser equipment. In short, choose according to your own processing requirements.
Second, according to their own economic situation – cost-effective
The price of laser cutting machine equipment is relatively high compared to traditional processing equipment, which is why many customers have been hesitant. After all, laser technology is a more advanced technology, and of course the price is higher, but it improves the quality, speed and efficiency of processing, and also reduces processing costs. Even doing more work in the same amount of time increases more income. All in all, it’s still worthwhile.

3. Choose the right manufacturer
Laser manufacturers emerge in an endless stream. If you want to choose a good equipment, you must choose a good manufacturer. Mainly look at two points:
(1) Configuration – Although there are many manufacturers, the configurations are not the same. It is very important whether the performance of the laser cutting machine is good or not.
(2) Service – The service of the manufacturer is also very important. The better the service is, the more timely it will be, and the easier and more assured the customer will use the equipment. When encountering problems, there are professional personnel to help, and there is no need to worry about affecting the normal processing progress. It is also an attitude of the manufacturer to be responsible to customers.

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