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How to install laser cutting machine?

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Since the birth of fiber laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines have become the mainstay of the sheet metal processing industry because they are far superior to traditional processing methods, both in terms of efficiency and stability. As the core component of the fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting head is correctly installed to become the most important to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Installation of laser cutting machine steps
1. The cutting head has been connected to the fiber optic installed on the machine.
2 will be collimated protective lens and focus lens and other important locations on the white tape.
3. Connect the cooling water line to the laser head.
4. Turn on the water cooler to check, feel the cooling water pipe with slight pressure vibration by hand, and check whether the cutting head leaks at various locations.
5. Check the quality of cutting gas. Before checking, you need to pay attention to whether there is dust and oil in the pipeline or at the connection.
6. If the cutting gas is tested normal, connect the cutting gas pipeline. Be careful not to block the gas path when sealing at the connection.
7. Connect the nozzle cooling gas and side blowing gas, side blowing gas connected as required.
8. After the above connections are completed without error, disconnect the electrical switch and connect the communication cable.
9. Calibrate the sensor, focus the cutting head back to the reference, check whether the indicator is normal.
10. Mobile phone software connected to the cutting head, check whether the I/O output is normal, (normal = 1, error = 0) to perform focus action, check whether the focus target value corresponds to the actual position.
11. Test auxiliary gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, air blowing for 5 minutes to see if the protective lens has obvious pollution.
12. Check whether there are obvious black spots in the focused red light.
13. Adjust the coaxial.
14. Cutting test, check whether the temperature of each part and cutting quality are stable.
15. Check the cutting accuracy, and whether there is an error, if the processed product does not reach the expected cutting effect, this error is often caused by the change of focal length. Therefore, mastering how to debug the accuracy is the necessary knowledge to operate the laser cutting machine.



Fiber laser cutting head installed on the machine steps
1. Focus laser spot is tuned to the smallest when the point of light for spot shooting to establish the initial effect, the size of the spot effect is to determine the focal length bit, we just need to recognize the laser spot to the smallest, then this position is the best processing focal length and then start processing work.
2. In the former part of the laser cutting machine debugging, we can use some debugging paper, and workpiece scrap to point to determine the accuracy of the focal position, move the position of the height of the upper and lower laser head, the laser spot size when pointing will have a different size change. Multiple adjustments to different positions to find the smallest spot position to determine the focal length and the best position of the laser head.
3. Fiber laser cutting machine after installation, will be installed on the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine a scribing device, through the scribing device to draw simulated cutting graphics, simulated graphics for 1m square. Built-in a circle with a diameter of 1m, the four corners are scribed on the diagonal, after scribing, using a measuring tool to measure whether the circle is tangential to the four sides of the square. Whether the length of the diagonal of the square is √2, the center axis of the circle should bisect the sides of the square, and the distance from the point where the center axis intersects the two sides of the square to the intersection of the two sides of the square should be 0.5 m. The cutting accuracy of the machine can be judged by testing the distance between the diagonal and the intersection point.
Precautions for installation
1. Prepare a computer before the equipment arrives, it is best not to network, to prevent virus damage to the equipment software affecting the use
2. After the equipment arrives home first determine the integrity of the equipment and accessories is complete
3. Some equipment is no technician home installation training in this case is generally installation training video, according to the video carefully learned, no video can be given to the manufacturer. Video learning should also pay attention to the following items
4. Some equipment is to arrange training for special personnel, the same attention to the following points
5. Equipment power is 220v must ensure that the voltage is stable at 220v or you must install a voltage regulator