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How to properly maintain a laser cutting machine?

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    The fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in cutting and has now become the most important equipment of choice in the field of high-precision laser processing. The stability and normal operation of the machine cannot be separated from the usual correct operation and daily maintenance, so both the operator and the laser cutting custom manufacturer should pay attention in daily use. The climatic characteristics vary greatly from season to season. A laser cutting machine is an expensive processing equipment belonging to the degree of precision. According to the characteristics of the climate for scientific and orderly maintenance, you can effectively avoid small problems in the laser cutting process, to improve the life of the laser cutting machine.




Common problems in the use of the process

1. Laser is not completely cut, the choice of laser head nozzle and processing plate thickness does not match; the laser cutting line speed is too fast, the need for operational control to reduce the line speed; the nozzle is inadmissible to lead to laser focus position error is too large, the need to re-test the nozzle induction data, especially in cutting aluminum is most likely to occur.

2. Cutting mild steel when there are abnormal sparks, this situation will affect the quality of processing of the cut section finish of the parts. At this time, in the case of other parameters are normal, the following should be considered: the loss of the laser head nozzle, should be replaced in a timely manner nozzle. In the absence of a new nozzle replacement, the cutting work gas pressure should be increased; the nozzle and laser head connection at the thread is loose. In this case, the cutting should be suspended immediately, the laser head connection status should be checked and the threads reapplied.

How to use the correct fiber laser cutting machine?

    The correct use of the laser cutting machine can largely save maintenance costs and fundamentally protect the laser cutting machine parts. Laser cutting head is a perishable item on the laser cutting machine, long-term use, resulting in damage to the laser cutting head, so the operator should regularly check the replacement; every six months to check the straightness of the fiber laser cutting machine track and the verticality of the machine, found abnormal timely maintenance and debugging. If there is no regular inspection, the error will increase, affecting the quality of cutting.

How to maintain the laser cutting machine

1. Check the metal laser cutting machine condenser, vents, filters to maintain the best cooling capacity of the system, then the condenser, vents, filters three parts must be working in the case of dust removal. The filter is easy to take off from both sides, use a gentle detergent and water to remove the dust build-up, then re-dry and rinse.

2. Check the pure water filter of the metal laser cutting machine, this is to be rinsed or replaced regularly on the filter cartridge.

3. Check the fluid level of the metal laser cutting machine. Regular checks are not without adding fluid, generally speaking, the water in the tank is required to cover the coil in the tank, when the amount of water below the coil will need to be home fluid. Which water quality is also very important, which necessitates regular replacement of water, if it is encountered in the water pump water flow is small, which is due to the air in the pump smothering the pump body, you can press the red button on the water filter will be air out of the water system, wait until the water flow is normal and then you can stop.