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How to set up laser cutting machine?

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Laser cutting machine installation method

    1. the laser cutting machine will be lifted to the designated location, the back of the machine as close as possible to the side with the electrical plug, tear off the packaging film, and then open the chassis cover. 

2. the installation of the fan. 

3. the installation of air pumps. 

4. the installation of the water chiller. 

5. install the CO2 laser tube; the other end into the socket prepared in advance, the socket can be energized. 

6. power on, to the right side of the laser cutting machine, open the first boat switch (that is, the motherboard control switch), the machine into the reset state; open the second switch (that is, the laser power switch); open the third switch (that is, the air pump, fan switch). If it is a double-headed light cutting machine, the first switch is the main board control switch, the second switch is the first switch of the laser power supply, the third switch is the second switch of the laser power supply, the fourth is the switch is the fan and air pump switch.

What is the operation process of the laser cutting machine?

    1. the operator must be trained and familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment and master the knowledge of the operating system.

2. according to the provisions of the labor protection equipment, wear protective glasses in the vicinity of the laser beam in line with the regulations.

3. Do not process before determining whether the material can be irradiated or heated by the laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam.

4.When the equipment is started, the operator should not leave the job or be managed by a trustee. If you do need to leave, the operator should stop or cut off the power switch.

5.Place the fire extinguisher within reach; close the laser or shutter when not processing; do not place paper, cloth or other flammable materials in the vicinity of the unprotected laser beam.

6.the processing process found abnormal should immediately stop, and timely troubleshooting or report to the supervisor.

7.keep the laser, the bed and the surrounding site clean, orderly and free of oil and dirt. Workpieces, plates and scrap are stacked according to regulations.

8.after entering the new workpiece program, should be tested and check its operation.

9.Observe high-pressure safety regulations during maintenance. Follow regulations and procedures every 40 hours of operation or once a week for maintenance, every hour of operation or every six months.

10.After turning on the machine, manually start the machine at low speed in the X and Y direction to check for any abnormalities.

Precautions for laser cutting machines

    When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing the welding wire to avoid leakage accidents. The use and transportation of gas cylinders should be in accordance with the regulation of gas cylinders. Do not expose gas cylinders to direct sunlight or near heat sources. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle opening.pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool when working, to avoid accidents caused by the cutter out of the effective range of travel or collision between the two machines.The special need is that now the weather is getting colder, the laser must be added to the special laser antifreeze, if the added ethanol on the structure of the corrosion of the laser, cutting head, fiber icing, not covered by the warranty.