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How to use a laser cutting machine for returning to work after the festival?

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As Christmas is approaching, many factories will stop working. When the laser cutting machine is not used for a long time, there will be some matters. Therefore, when returning to work and using the laser cutting machine, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Preparation before the test

Reminder: Do not point your eyes at the direction of laser emission at any time.

(1) Cut off the connecting cable between the laser generator and the instrument body to ensure a good connection.

(2) Open all the water inlet and outlet valves of the chiller to ensure that the water pump is closed to avoid noise when the water pump is running.

(3) Please ensure that the connecting cable between the chiller and the laser generator is not damaged or exposed, and is well connected to the instrument body.

(4) Please confirm whether the pressure valve on the pipeline of the chiller is closed, and adjust the pointer of the pressure gauge to the minimum position to the required position.

2. Check system and maintenance

power supply system

(1) Power supply line: no serious bending, no damage, no disconnection;

(2) Power cord connection: press the plug to ensure a firm connection;

(3) Control signal line: The interface is firmly connected without looseness. 03 Ground wire: The grounding resistance is less than 10 ohms.

(4) Power supply system: The wiring of the main power supply and UPS power supply is correct, there is no wrong connection or disconnection, and all circuits and equipment are in good condition.

(5) Electrical isolating switch: the insulation resistance of each circuit meets the requirements; the contacts of the grounding switch are in good contact and the operation is reliable.

(6) The safety device alarm lamp has an alarm function and can be used normally.

(7) Signal line: Each signal line has an independent isolating switch or grounding protection line; the cable core is not damaged and the color is consistent; each circuit has a separate cable well.

Air supply system

Gas path: no damage, no blockage, good air tightness;

Tighten the joints of each gas pipeline to ensure that the connection is firm and smooth;

Use compliant gases according to the equipment manufacturer’s requirements.

The pressure of industrial gas cylinders should not be lower than the maximum working pressure of the equipment used.

The air supply system should be kept clean to prevent foreign matter from entering.

The valve of the oxygen cylinder should adopt an anti-drop design and install a spring safety device to prevent accidental gas leakage.

If the oxygen cylinder and the air cylinder are supplied separately, the valves of the oxygen cylinder and the air cylinder should be separated, and the anti-falling design should be adopted.

cooling system

Confirm again to close the water inlet and outlet valves;

Water tank/water pipe: no bending, no blockage, no damage, clean the water tank and water pipe;

Tighten all water pipe joints to ensure that the connection is firm and smooth;

Check the water tank/pipe to make sure there is no water leakage;

After the water tank and water pipes are connected, start working;

The water tank and the nozzle are connected with flexible pipes.

There should be corresponding signs and identification plates on the equipment to avoid accidental injuries caused by misuse.

Reminder: If the equipment is shut down for a long time in an environment below 0 ℃, carefully check whether the cooling water pipes are icing or there are signs of icing. If you find any signs, please contact the equipment supplier in advance to avoid greater losses after operation!

3. Equipment running test

Preparations before powering on the device

(1) Confirm that the water temperature of the chiller has reached the set temperature;

(2) Turn on the power switch of the laser processing system. After the laser is powered on, the POWER indicator on the laser panel will light up.

(3) Turn off the laser power switch and turn on the protection function.

(4) Confirm that all control buttons of the laser processing system have been reset.

(5) Simple maintenance of the laser: turn off the cooling fan and exhaust fan; turn on the cooling motor;

(6) Check whether the cooling water in the cooling water tank is full, if not enough, add it in time;

(7) Confirm that the power switch of the laser processing system is off.

Detection before luminescence

Use the red light detection method to check the lens cleanliness, as follows:

Nozzle: single-layer nozzle size above 2.0mm;

Tools: white paper;

Detection method:

The laser configured by Baiwei fiber laser cutting machine has a red indicator light when it is turned on;

Red light can be seen at a distance of about 300mm from the cutting head nozzle on the white paper;

If there are obvious black spots or irregular black objects in the red light, it means that the lens is dirty and needs to be cleaned before cutting and debugging. When inspecting the lens, it is generally directly checked with the naked eye whether the surface of the lens is clean, and this method is prone to deviation. But we can also use a more scientific and professional method to judge the lens. If the image is invisible or unclear, we can use the infrared detection method. The method of lens detection, using this method, only needs to prepare an infrared lamp.

Coaxiality test: To judge the coaxiality between the nozzle exit hole and the laser beam, the method is as follows:

Nozzle: size 1.2mm;

Tools: scotch tape;

Scotch tape paper method:

1. Adjust the focal point of No. 0 to be coaxial so that the laser is in the center of the nozzle;

2. Lighting at the focal point of ±6mm;

3. If the focal point 0 and the ±6mm light spot are both in the center of the nozzle, it is normal; otherwise, replace the cutting head or the laser light path is shifted.

When the above tests are completed, the laser cutting machine can process normally.