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Uncoiling blanking production line

The current manufacturing industry needs to upgrade its industrial structure to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve production quality. The production organization of laser cutting production lines is an important development direction.
Through the adjustment of information in the sheet metal warehouse software system, multiple production modes can be combined, so that production costs can be reduced and materials can be used to the fullest.

Product Description

Product Description

Standardized Products Improve Enterprise Competitiveness

The market competition continues to be severe, and price wars continue in the market for the same type of products. Through the production of standard parts, the BIW intelligent production line can meet 80% of the production needs of enterprises, greatly improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs at the same time, so that customers’ products can be compared with similar products. Continue to maintain product competitiveness while increasing corporate profit margins.

Standardized production line demonstrates the strength of the company:

Owning Baiwei’s intelligent production line, while reducing production costs, it has improved the market competitiveness of users and greatly enhanced the company’s hard power. When customers purchase products, they will conduct on-site inspections to understand the comprehensive strength of users. With BIW intelligent production lines, the factory area can be standardized, production is orderly, and the environment is clean, which greatly improves customer satisfaction and increases cooperation opportunities.

Product advantages

①Reduce the proportion of waste:

Users can carry out the most compact typesetting according to different parts, and cut and blank materials of any length through the BW coil leveling laser cutting machine, so as to minimize the proportion of waste materials. By upgrading the production line, the traditional 2%-3% waste materials can be reduced. The ratio is reduced to 0.5%-1%, and the saved waste space is cut into finished parts to increase profit margins (taking an enterprise with an annual turnover of 8-12 million and an annual steel consumption of 500-600 tons as an example, this part can be effectively Increase the profit of about 50,000-100,000; the user’s annual turnover is 20-30 million, and the steel consumption is 1,000-1,500 tons, so this part will increase the profit of about 200,000-300,000).

②Reduce the cost of sheet uncoiling, leveling, shearing, packaging and transportation:

Direct purchase of coils from steel mills, the cutting range can be arbitrarily specified through the BW coil leveling laser cutting machine, saving the cost of uncoiling, leveling, shearing and packaging of plates (annual turnover of 8-12 million, annual steel consumption of 500- Take a 600-ton enterprise as an example, the annual savings in Kaiping processing fees and plate transit transportation costs is about 50,000, the annual turnover of users is 20-30 million, and the steel consumption is 1,000-1,500 tons, which will increase the profit of about 100,000-150,000).

③Reduce the labor cost of laser blanking:

The whole process of Baiwei coil leveling laser cutting machine is fully automated, and the equipment automatically unwinds—levelling—cutting—blanking, reducing one laser operator and one transfer handyman (5000*2*12=120,000).

④ Reduce the use area and labor cost of the bending forming area:

One flexible bending center is equal to the working efficiency of 5 traditional bending machines. While the use area is reduced, the labor cost has dropped the most (according to different regions of the user, the monthly salary of the bender is 6000, and the daily work is 8 hours. The annual labor cost It is 6000*5 (person)*12 (month)=360,000 yuan, this part does not require labor, and the labor cost is reduced by 360,000 yuan).
If the user purchases the flexible bending center separately, only one general worker is needed to complete the work, 4000*1 (person)*12 (month) = 48,000 yuan, and the labor cost of this part is reduced by 312,000 yuan.

⑤ Improve bending efficiency:

Industrial equipment can work when it is powered on. Users can work in 24-hour uninterrupted production through the three-shift work system per day. The bending efficiency is increased by 3 times, and the labor cost of production is reduced by 1.08 million while increasing production capacity (consistent with the above content).
If the user purchases the flexible bending center separately, a general worker is required for the night shift, 4000*1 (person)*12 (month) = 48,000 yuan, and the labor cost of this part is reduced by 936,000 yuan.

⑥Reduce welding labor cost:

     Each Baiwei intelligent welding robot can start working after one programming, and the same period of time is equal to the work efficiency of one worker. In the case of uninterrupted power supply, it can work in three shifts for 24 hours, greatly improving welding efficiency, and welding can be completed without manual labor. Work (according to different regions of the user, calculated according to the welder’s monthly salary of 6000, 6000*3 (person)*12 (month) = 216,000; the labor cost is reduced by 216,000).

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