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What Materials Can a Fiber Laser Cut?

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Advantages of laser cutting machine

The laser cutting process uses an invisible beam of light instead of a traditional mechanical knife, with high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout to save material, smooth kerf, low processing costs, etc., will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting process equipment.

Applications of laser cutting machines

Carbon steel, modern laser cutting systems can cut carbon steel up to a maximum thickness of 20MM, the use of an oxidation melting cutting mechanism to cut carbon steel can be controlled in a satisfactory width range, for a thin plates, its cut can be as narrow as 0.1MM or so. Stainless steel, laser cutting is an effective tool for manufacturing industries that utilize thin stainless steel sheets as the main component. With strict control of the heat input during the laser cutting process, the heat-affected zone at the cutting edge can be limited to a very small size, thus maintaining the good corrosion resistance of this material very effectively. Aluminum and alloys, aluminum cutting is a melt-cutting mechanism where the auxiliary gas used is mainly used to blow the molten product away from the cutting zone, usually resulting in good cut surface quality. For some aluminum alloys, care must be taken to prevent intergranular microcracks from developing on the surface of the cut. Laser cutting machines are suitable for non-contact cutting, hollowing, and perforation of various metal sheets. With the advantages of high precision and high speed, it has become the direction of development of sheet metal processing technology.

How to choose a laser cutting machine

Generally speaking, the laser cutting machine is recommended for cutting metal materials such as carbon steel plates within 12mm and stainless steel plates within 10mm. Laser cutting machine without cutting force, processing without deformation: no tool wear, good material adaptability: whether simple or complex parts, can be cut with laser in one precise and rapid shape: its slit narrow, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, easy to manipulate, low labor intensity, no pollution: can realize the cutting of automatic row sample, nesting, progress in the material utilization rate, low production costs, good economic benefits. In the choice of laser equipment, not only according to the characteristics of their own product materials but also to consider the performance of laser equipment, so that we can find the right laser equipment for their industrial products.