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Where to buy fiber laser cutting machine?

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How to choose a laser cutting machine?
When choosing a laser cutting machine, we have to consider the materials processed by the enterprise and the scope of business needs At first, we have to consider clearly the scope of their business, the thickness of the cutting material, which materials need to be cut and other factors, and then choose the size of the power of the equipment to be purchased and the size of the table, the size of the table can generally be customized by the manufacturer in accordance with customer needs. Generally speaking, high-power laser cutting machine can better process medium-thick plate plate, while low-power fiber laser cutting machine is more suitable for processing thin plate processing materials. In this case, according to your own parameters for the production of materials to choose a different metal laser cutting machine, then the price is naturally different. So you can not look at the price of metal laser cutting machine alone, you must consider the parameters of the equipment to purchase metal cutting machine from the aspects that meet your needs.

Laser cutting machine purchase channels
1. Alibaba, which is the world’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform, Alibaba international station logistics has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world, will resonate with the integration of ecological partners, through a digital redefinition of global freight standards. “Door-to-door” service capability is one of the key directions: the goods are pulled from the factory to the domestic port, declared to customs, enter the overseas port by sea, land, and air, clear customs and taxes, and finally complete the end distribution.
2. Made in China is a global B2B e-commerce platform with Chinese product information as the main focus. Mic’s existing customers focus on the following industries: construction and decoration materials, automobiles and accessories, handicrafts, apparel and accessories, machinery, electrical and electronics, consumer electronics, light industrial and daily necessities, chemicals, computer products, luggage and gift boxes, furniture, lighting, etc.
3. SNS, buyers can find laser cutting machine manufacturers through a number of social media, such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and can be a comprehensive understanding of the product and manufacturer information on these platforms, and real and effective.
How to choose a laser cutting machine manufacturer?
After finding the purchase channel, you should consider what kind of manufacturer is more suitable. Choose a good reputation in the industry, the brand is larger companies carefully on the strength of the laser cutting machine manufacturers, the parameters of the machine and product quality, performance to understand. The laser cutting machine is a large device, the purchase needs to be careful, choose a few factory strength, not just cheap, you can communicate with the manufacturer in advance and sample, if it is convenient to personally go to the factory site visit is also excellent, for the price of the machine, machine training, payment methods, after-sales service and other detailed discussions. In the after-sales service, to provide customers with daily maintenance programs for the machine and laser software, the corresponding training system to help customers get started as soon as possible, the manufacturer can provide timely solutions is very important, which is also an important factor we need to consider when buying a laser cutting machine.
Finally, I hope that all buyers can buy the most suitable for their own laser-cutting machine