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Why Choose Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine?

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Sheet metal can be cut very effectively by laser cutting, a method that goes beyond other forms of cutting. When selecting a sheet metal cutting process, it is important to compare the capabilities of the tool to the requirements of the project. Laser cutting is often the most effective option for many metal cuts. Laser cutting ensures a precise, clean cut without further processing. The following are three main reasons for choosing laser cutting.

Low cost of use

Choosing a laser cutter is a good decision when you are on a budget. Compared to other cutting mechanisms, laser cutting is cost-effective. The laser does not dull or wear out like other cutting tools. The equipment is intelligent and easy to operate. During the production process, there is no need to change the cutting head frequently, and the cost of manpower, material and time will be relatively low. In addition, the new generation of fiber laser cutting machine are computer numerical control, remote operation, speak cutting drawings into the work automatically, basically one or two keys to complete all the actions, very simple, reducing labor costs.

High efficiency and high precision

Depending on the type of metal, thickness of the material and complexity of the specifications, the speed of the laser can be as high as 20-70 inches per minute. While loading sheet metal and programming the laser cutter takes time and expertise, when the laser cutter is equipped with dual tables, it can be automatically calibrated and positioned as needed, thus simplifying setup, and once set up, the laser cutter will operate automatically without the need for manual intervention, a significant time saver. Besides, the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine is incomparable to other processes. With stable power and suitable parameters, there is no need for secondary processing and polishing, and the finished product is directly finished, which is very cost-saving.

Environmental protection and low pollution

Now laser cutting machine not only has a large table of open models, there are closed laser cutting machine, which has a dust extraction channel design, using built-in extraction duct system, strong performance, energy saving and environmental protection, to avoid the production process of smoke flying all over the sky, to ensure safe production; strong suction and removal of smoke and dust, effectively extend the service life of machine parts; reduce the possibility of direct heat deformation of the machine bed.