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Winter freeze protection instructions for water chillers

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What is a chiller

Chillers are necessary refrigeration equipment in summer. They are widely used in large-scale equipment manufacturers such as laser cutting machines. Many companies still need to operate 24 hours a day, so the utilization rate of chillers is very high. However, after entering autumn and winter, enterprises in some areas no longer need chillers for cooling, and only need to cool through cooling water towers. Then when the enterprise stops using the chiller, it is still necessary to maintain the chiller first, so as to facilitate the normal operation of the chiller in the next year. When using the chiller in winter, you must first pay attention to antifreeze, first add antifreeze oil, then use the antifreeze valve, and check whether the water in the water tank is frozen. If it is relatively cold in the northern region, after a period of inactivity, the water temperature should be raised to above 80°C, so that the water in the water tank is completely frozen, and then shut down, and antifreeze oil should also be paid attention to when the chiller is stopped in summer After you don’t need to use it in winter, you must do a good job of antifreeze.

Winter chiller maintenance work rules:

1. Turn off the water source of the chiller, and clean up the water inside the unit components and the pipes, so as to avoid the remaining water rusting the components after the shutdown, or the temperature is too low to freeze the copper pipes; at the same time, unscrew the drain nut under the water pump to drain the inside Drain the remaining water to prevent the freezing of the water system due to the low ambient temperature, the expansion of the evaporator and the leakage of the refrigerant or damage to the impeller of the water pump, etc.

2. Turn off the power and check whether each part is worn (if any, it needs to be replaced);

3. Clean the fan of the air-cooled chiller and keep it in a clean state;

4. Make sure that the ambient temperature of the refrigerator is above 5°C, and keep the refrigerator powered on;

5. Add 30% ethylene glycol antifreeze;

6. For the water tank of the water tank coil evaporator, check whether there are scales and other debris and remove them;

7. Understand the use of lubricating oil through data records, and regularly replace lubricating oil according to the usage standards to maintain a good lubrication state.

8. The ice water pipeline of the chiller must be insulated, because the insulation of the pipeline can not only prevent the serious loss of cooling capacity, but also prevent the condensation water formed on the outer wall of the pipe.

9. The air-cooled chiller is one of the chiller models. It cools the water at room temperature to a certain temperature through the compressor of the chiller to strengthen the cooling of the mold or machine. It is used as a stand-alone chiller with a built-in heat sink. There are three main interactions. Contacted systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, electrical appliances automatic control system.

Prohibited use of media:

– Automobile antifreeze, water tank treasure, antifreeze with a volume ratio > 30%, etc.

– Flammable liquids such as acetone.

– Oils and oil-based liquids.

– Medicines, food liquids.

– Liquids with a pH value exceeding 6.5-7.5.

– Liquids containing solid particles.

– Other liquids that are corrosive to copper and stainless steel.

How to clean the chiller after shutdown?

It is very important to clean the chiller after it is shut down after use in summer. To clean the chiller, you can find a professional chiller cleaning and maintenance company for deep cleaning and maintenance. You can use professional chiller cleaning tools to clean the surface of the unit. After it is dry, cover the chiller with a cloth or overcoat to ensure that there will be no dust and other debris attached to the chiller, so that it will still be a clean chiller when used in the next year. Professionally doing the above work when the unit is shut down can find out the problem of the chiller in time and eliminate it, so as to ensure the stable performance of the unit and facilitate the safe and fast operation in the next year. Another plus is that the life of the unit will be longer.

If it is not used for a long time and needs to be drained, please follow the steps below:

Laser chiller (including MCWL, TFLW series) and main drainage components of water chiller

China (MCW series: water tank pipe, water pump head, filter, deionized water tank (optional);

2. Water tank drainage method: As shown in the right figure, open the drain valve (or drain plug) at the lower part of the water tank to drain the water in the water tank. If necessary, tilt the water cooler at a certain angle to make the drainage cleaner.

3. Drainage pipeline: use the compressed air at the inlet and outlet to act for 1 minute respectively, push the water in the pipeline back to the water tank, and the water tank is emptied and drained

4. Open the water tank cover to see if there is residual water in the water tank (if the water tank cover cannot be opened)

After it is turned on, the machine will connect the water inlet with compressed air, and blow back to press the residual water in the pipeline and water pump back to the water tank, and then discharge it from the water tank outlet. ) If present, tilt the chiller slightly to drain or use a dry towel to drain.

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